General Medicine OPD

We have the best treatment for your common ailments and act as a perfect family physician for you. Whatever the health problem is, we provide you complete guidance so that you get the best treatment from the best doctors. We are a perfect family physician

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Infectious Disease Clinic

We have the best Infectious Disease Specialist at our clinic. Holy Basil ensures that you get the best treatment possible for any type of infection based on your medical condition. Our Infectious Disease Clinic offers following treatment and services:

  • Dengue and other tropical fever management
  • Adult Vaccination
  • Infection control consultations for hospitals
  • Hepatitis diagnosis & management
  • HIV Medicine
  • Tuberculosis Treatment
  • Resistant Bacterial and fungal infection management
  • Typhoid & other enteric fevers diagnosis and treatment
  • Urinary tract and other kidney infection treatment
  • Fever diagnosis and management

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Diabetes Clinic

Holy Basil Mediclinic is the best Diabetes Clinic in Kharar and Mohali. Our Diabetes Expert helps you manage diabetes in an effective way to achieve your health goals. We believe in personalized treatment to elevate your health status to the highest level possible. We offer various complementary and discounted diabetes packages on tests and procedures.

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Weight Loss Clinic

We at Holy Basil Mediclinic believe in offering the best treatment to our patients. We have designed and launched the most affordable weight loss program that helps you reduce weight by adopting healthy eating habits. We provide custom designed diet charts to people who find it difficult to lose weight due to their hectic schedule.

Holy Basil also provides on call consult from top dieticians with 24 x 7 consult in your journey of weight loss.

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In today's modern lifestyle neck strain, back pain, knee pain and other joint pain have become a part and parcel of life. Over the years, physiotherapy has proved to be effective for patients in restoring their health and boosting their physical strength and mobility. Physiotherapists are clinically trained and have better understanding of how the body works to assess, diagnose and treat disabilities. Whether it’s a lingering back pain, a frozen shoulder, or a sports injury, you can get your pain treated by a specialist and experienced physiotherapist at Holy Basil. Our Physiotherapy treatment brings about faster healing, involves personalized care and is cost effective. Besides this, you can also avail benefit of our affordable and accountable home services which are equally worry and hassle free.
Our Physiotherapy treatment techniques restore movement and function within the body whilst at the same time reducing pain and preventing recurrence.

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Child Psychology and Career Counseling Clinic

Individual counseling of children on following difficulties:

·       Concentration in studies
·       Attention
·       Low grades in school
·       Taping technique
·       Learning difficulty
·       Memorising
·       Exam anxiety
·       Stage fear
·       Lack of confidence
·       Low self-esteem
·       Behaviour problem
·       Anger
·       Aggression
·       Any other emotional problem
·       Lack of Communication skills
·       Reading problem
·       Writing problem
·       Stress
·       Career counselling & Counseling on emotional issues
·       Difficulty in handling relations with friends and family


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