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The World Peace Mission Trust came into being in the year 1991. The Trust is engaged in the education of the most needy -yet most deprived- section of the society i.e. the children of poor construction workers as well as maids/domestic servants. These poor workers donot have the wherewithal and resources to send their wards to regular schools in the beginning for the threshold education. The Trust is catering to the underprivileged children of these workers who normally reside near the construction sites or the peripheral villages of Chandigarh & Mohali. As on date, about 400 children are getting education at our 10 Literacy Centres.


  • To educate the children of the poorest of the poor labour working at construction sites and living in slum areas.
  • To teach children to maintain hygiene.
  • To inculcate good habits among children.
  • To bring children in the main stream and help them to become good citizens.
  • To train girls for self earning.
  • To promote peace in the world.


    This endeavour of the Trust has brought out discernable change in the life and attitude of people serviced by it.
  • The children remain neat and clean as against their past when they used to play in unhygienic & filthy conditions.
  • They have developed habits of daily brushing their teeth and combing of hair.
  • They are now more disciplined.
  • The older children inspire their younger siblings to come to our Literacy Centers.
  • The children as well as their parents get motivated to continue further studies at regular schools after completing their stay in our Literacy Centers.
  • Women get self employment after training at our Tailoring Centers, thereby supplementing income of their husbands and thus bringing improvement in the quality of their lives.


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